• Program Overview
    • 1 The toolbox (See it)
      • contains a button for each tool
      • some tools are hidden behind others
      • the selected tool's preferences are in the options bar
      • notice the short cut key for each tool
    • Pallets
      • the three big ones are:
        • information - displays information about the current selectoin
        • history - a list of actions that can be undone
        • layers - contains a list of the layers in the current document ( more on that later)
    • Menus -found across the top - contain a list of all functions available in Photoshop
    • Preferences - three changes I suggest
      • turn up the history (this can affect the size though)
      • turn off "Maxmize PSD file compatability"
      • Cache levels - turn this up to 6 - this will make the program run faster
    • Reset pallet locations - this standardizes the location and visibility of the pallets
    • Reset all tools - right-click on the active tool
      • this resets the toolbox
    2 Color Management - set this to Adobe 1998 (See it)
    • take a look at this file
    • SRGB - EXE | PSD | ZIP
    • this changes how Photoshop works with pictures

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